I am a Certified Public Accountant and have my own practice in midtown, NY. About eleven years ago, I was having difficulty with our server. The people who installed the unit were no longer able to do the work. I mentioned my dilemma to a colleague of mine and he recommended that I contact Boris Kleyman, at Infotek Solutions and Support. I explained to Boris that the server was down and that we were not operational. And of course it was the middle of tax season. Boris was at our office within 20 minutes. He was able to correct the problem and get us up and running.

At that time, I had no way of knowing that this would be the beginning of a wonderful relationship between his firm and ours.

Soon after our meeting, we switched from Gateway computers and server to Dell. Boris and his firm provided the expertise in all phases of selection and installation of Dell servers, desktops, monitors, internet communications, internal and external email systems, mobile phone links to our office, complete backup system for our files & accounting and support software. They also provided daily monitoring of our server and other equipment, so that any problems could be kept to a minimum. But more importantly we never had a failure that kept us from operating, especially as critical deadlines approached.

As our firm grew, our entire office had to undergo a complete update to our equipment, software, etc. in order to keep up with changes in technology. So Boris and/or his staff met with us to design and install an entirely updated Dell server, desktops, software, etc. They were instrumental in designing, planning and installing our new system, while being able to let us continue our work through the entire changeover. They made it look easy and worked well with our staff.

But the greatest compliment that I can pay is the fact that we have referred Boris and his firm to many of our clients and they all have been very happy with their work.

Michael F. Barkan, Barkan & Goldberg LLP

Our company has worked with Boris Kleyman and InfoTek Solutions for over 15 years. We highly recommend InfoTek. They are accessible, easy to work with and in general a wonderful technology resource.

Mr. Kleyman and his team brought us from a fledgling, small home office to a company that markets products to school districts, city and state governments as well as on line customers. They designed, created and support our internal local network, our connections to internet as well as interface all of our large applications.

InfoTek is always on the cutting edge of new technology and new equipment. Whenever we have a rare problem, they return calls promptly and fix it. They are able to make remote fixes but equally adaptable to coming into our offices and work when it’s the most convenient for us.

They regularly test and update our system along with our wireless technology in house and as mobile users.

All of our equipment has been researched, purchased, installed and maintained by InfoTek.

We enthusiastically recommend their work.

Julia Azuma, Different Roads To Learning

We are part of a multispecialty group practice affiliated with Beth Israel Center in Manhattan. We originally started working with Infotek 3 years ago.
Infotek, especially Boris Kleyman, would consistently and immediately resolve whatever issues arose, usually by logging in during the conversation remotely and resolving the issues before we were off the phone. We consider ourselves somewhat ‘tek savvy’ and were always impressed with how he just ‘got it.

When our practice decided on an EMR program, we immediately decided on Infotek for implementation, and have been thrilled with the results. Using some of Infotek’s ideas have actually saved us in the estimated costs.
In summary, we are completely satisfied with the work they have done for us and highly recommend them to anyone.


Infotek is a strong IT company especially if one needs services in the medical field. They are not only familiar with an advanced imaging storage and exchange systems like PACS and DICOM format but also able to make images reconstruction utilizing different workstations for different imaging modalities. In addition to undisputed professional qualities they have great mentoring staff . I asked them to teach my technicians and assistants how to transfer images as well as basic principles of PACS and EMR . I was pleasantly surprised the way they did it. They explained very sophisticated things with the lay language making complex technical information understandable by non IT professionals. At the same time company has personnel knowledgeable in medical field and can speak with doctors on their professional language. They truly have broad experience as a provider of IT and networks services in NY city hospital setting as well as a private medical offices. Again, InfoTek is invaluable for those physicians who need to set up and maintain office networks, imaging storage and exchange or get the staff familiar with modern computer software for your professional needs.

Steven Polk, Ocean Radiology Practice Administrator

It gives me great pleasure to recommend Boris Kleyman and his group, Infotek.
I have known and worked with Boris for close to seven years. I have interacted both at a professional level, as well as a personal level, and he is well regarded and respected amongst his peers and friends, has a great disposition, and is a pleasure to be around.
Boris is extremely reliable and knowledgeable in all aspects of a corporate network. He has knowledge of computers, IT devices, and business processes second to none.
While in the position of head of the IT Operations worldwide at my company, Boris and Infotek were instrumental in assisting us in the installation and setup of Exchange and SQL clustering Servers and services to create redundancy for our email system and customized software written originally in MS Access and migrated to SQL at a remote location.
Based on their qualities and standards, I know that Boris and his Infotek group will be a great asset to any endeavors that any corporation may be pursuing. They are certainly the kind of team I would recommend without reservations.

Jorge A.

Infotek is a life saver. I am in the tax preparation business and during tax season my computer system can’t be down.
The other day, my trusted system crushed. How? Why? I was not able to get into my most important program. My QuickBooks software just would not open. I called tech support and after 2 hours on the phone, NOTHING. I had to find an alternative. A friend of mine used Infotek previously and suggested I call them. I am glad i did. Their technician was able to get into my computer system, remotely from their office, and I was able to access my program.
Now Infotek is on my speed dial.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Arthur Dimarsky, Services For Cpa and Tax Preparers



Computer hardware and software

Local area and wide area networks

Medical IT installation and support

Microsoft Exchange 2003/2007/2010 (Standard and Enterprise)

Microsoft Server 2003 & 2008 (Standard and Enterprise)

Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista & 7

Onsite and Online Backup

24/7 Monitoring

Authorized DELL Resellers

VPN Setup for remote access to office network

Virtualization Environments (i.e. Microsoft Hyper-V, VMWare Workstation, VMWare vSphere)

Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Droid and other smartphone connectivity to an Exchange Server


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