• Migration from Novel email and authentication environment to Microsoft Server 2008 active directory and Exchange 2010 email environment
    • Lotus Notes to Outlook conversions
    • Hosted Exchange Implementations (as well migrations from local to hosted Exchange, and migrations from POP3/IMAP to hosted Exchange environments)
    • Virtualization projects – Decrease the hardware footprint of an organization by virtualizing key server services
    • Cisco Router configurations for internet failover (a higher percent uptime), VPN, and firewalling
    • Seamless integration of Windows applications on a Mac OS X platform for users that need the best of both worlds
    • Unique computer setups for power users that demand more screens, and more horse power out of their machines
    • Non – hardware related hard drive recovery
    • Provide quick turn around in providing secure wireless internet access at hosted events
    • Migrate users from PC to Mac and from Mac to PC
    • Create wireless mesh networking for large areas that need seamless wireless internet access

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