• Migration from Exchange and hosted Exchange servers to Microsoft Office 365

  • Hosted Exchange Implementations (as well migrations from local to hosted Exchange, and migrations from POP3/IMAP to hosted Exchange environments)

  • Virtualization projects – Decrease the hardware footprint of an organization by virtualizing key server services

  • Sonicwall Router configurations for internet failover (a higher percent uptime), setting up VPN, and firewalling

  • Seamless integration of Windows applications on a Mac OS X platform for users that need the best of both worlds

  • Unique computer setups for power users that demand more screens, and more horse power out of their machines

  • Active Directory environment set up

  • Migrate users from PC to Mac and from Mac to PC

  • Create wireless mesh networking for large areas that need seamless wireless internet access

  • Setting up new computers and POS systems, hosted on the client side server.

“Infotek is a strong IT company especially if one needs services in the medical field. They are not only familiar with an advanced imaging storage and exchange systems like PACS and DICOM format but also able to make images reconstruction utilizing different workstations for different imaging modalities. In addition to undisputed professional qualities they have great mentoring staff . I asked them to teach my technicians and assistants how to transfer images as well as basic principles of PACS and EMR . I was pleasantly surprised the way they did it. They explained very sophisticated things with the lay language making complex technical information understandable by non IT professionals. At the same time company has personnel knowledgeable in medical field and can speak with doctors on their professional language. They truly have broad experience as a provider of IT and networks services in NY city hospital setting as well as a private medical offices. Again, InfoTek is invaluable for those physicians who need to set up and maintain office networks, imaging storage and exchange or get the staff familiar with modern computer software for your professional needs.”

Steven Polk, Ocean Radiology Practice Administrator



Computer hardware and software

Local area and wide area networks

Medical IT installation and support

Microsoft Exchange 2003/2007/2010 (Standard and Enterprise)

Microsoft Server 2003 & 2008 (Standard and Enterprise)

Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista & 7

Onsite and Online Backup

24/7 Monitoring

Authorized DELL Resellers

VPN Setup for remote access to office network

Virtualization Environments (i.e. Microsoft Hyper-V, VMWare Workstation, VMWare vSphere)

Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Droid and other smartphone connectivity to an Exchange Server


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