Healthcare costs are rising dramatically in part due to reform mandates. Providers struggle to keep pace in the face of declining reimbursement from government and private payers. Physicians, community hospitals and academic medical centers can look to IT services to improve efficiency. There is an opportunity to achieve this mission through information technology. However, some systems can end up cumbersome and increase work load. We offer innovative approaches to delivering care while effectively managing the administrative and ancillary costs and improve efficiency. Infotek offers software and IT solutions that are affordable to large and small facilities, alike.

The following are the INFOTEK services that will accelerate your practice potential:

INFOTEK can perform an assessment of the medical record systems to improve integration with other clinical systems, e.g., RIS or PACS, billing system, and to ensure the facility earns incentives, or avoids penalties in the future. If appropriate, we will recommend an Electronic Medical Record System (EMR).

INFOTEK combines the advantages of EMR software with practice management operations, including insurance verification, registration, appointment scheduling, procedure scheduling, check-out process, which is fully integrated with the billing and collection module.

INFOTEK can perform an audit to ensure compliance with billing, confidentiality and security regulations. As a by-product, we assess internal controls to safeguard your assets, review procurement of supplies for price, service and quality.

INFOTEK approaches each practice or institution with flexibility and a customized review to improve the efficiency of patient access, coordination of patient care, and integration of these important activities with the revenue cycle to collect the maximum appropriate amount of revenue.

INFOTEK can perform an audit of payments made by insurance carriers to assess compliance with contracted rates or other measures to evaluate underpayments. Underpayments may be recovered retrospectively and prospectively.

In addition to contract/payment review, INFOTEK will examine Profit & Loss statements, cash flows, and budget. If appropriate, INFOTEK will prepare Budgets and Cash Flows for the Practice or Institution.

INFOTEK will assess your market and the target demand for your service area. We will also train representatives to market the value and quality of your clinical services.

INFOTEK can improve employee performance based on observations made during our engagement. Resolving conflicts and improving performance have been a successful part of our service.

Based on the outcome of the engagement with INFOTEK , we will coordinate the implementation of software and systems, and other third parties, as needed.

Subsequent to the engagement, INFOTEK will track progress of the implementation of solutions, including patient efficiency, revenue cycle management, EMR and Patient Management Systems, coupled with an analysis of financial performance.