Cloud Security

Cloud security remains a top concern for IT leaders. As data breaches continue to spike, cloud adoption has become popular over the last 18 months as organizations push for a more aggressive response. The truth is that security breaches will happen. What we strive to do is to provide a solid security strategy to reduce your losses. 

Key Elements of a Solid Cloud Security Strategy

With today’s security risk so much higher than before, protecting your organization is top priority. The question is not whether your systems will be breached but at what point.

This is why you need a cloud security strategy that contains both pre-breach and post-breach elements. Here are some key elements that should be part of that strategy:

1Visibility to Changes in Your Environment

A top concern for many entities is the lack of visibility around cloud infrastructure. Your organization can easily be exposed to potential security vulnerabilities without having the visibility to changes in your environment. It’s impossible to protect what you can’t see.

2Limit Your Exposure and Reduce Risk

You need a team to help protect your organization and address vulnerabilities that could put your business at risk. It’s important to have a strong working relationship so that both sides are aligned on top concerns. W